5 Mobile and Web Games To Rate 5 Stars On Your Free Time

I am aware that most of these are really horrible, and that I am virtually tightening a noose around my neck. But this is also an assurance that I have looked back on my sins of bad design and I am sorry for it, and that it probably  hopefully  shouldn’t happen again 🙂

1. Set Mania (Android)


For smart people and late bloomers. Download here.

  • Developers:Matthew Go, Oliver Brian Syson
  • Designer: Joyce Guiao


2. Charge (Windows Phone)

cover photo.png

If you had a proper childhood, you’ll know this game by heart, based on the Filipino Kid Game called “Charge” or “Dragonball”.  Download here.

  • Developers: Alron Lam, Darren Sapalo
  • Designers: Joyce Guiao, Lordd Michael Lazaro
  • Sound and Music: Joyce Guiao
  • Awards: Top 3 in DLSU Windows Phone 8 Hackercup Challenge 2013


3. Breaking Fast (Web)

Play here.

  • Developers: Joyce Guiao
  • Designers: Raiza de Leon, Joyce Guiao


4. 90’s Kids Challenge  (Windows PC & Windows Phone)

Download here.


5. Zombie Garrison (Windows Phone)

Download here.

Bonus: Last Stand (Windows Phone)

Local Multiplayer Game (4 to 6 players) for the whole family. Download here.


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