3 Mobile Applications that Stretched our Eyebags to Its Limits

These 3 apps took away our social life. Probably why we are all still single.

1. Teach your English-Speaking 6 to 8 yr old Filipino Children Their Mother Tongue

Salinlahi Four features Natural Language Generation, Adding new lessons dynamically easily (includes adding a story before the game starts, game tutorial, lesson items, and the game mechanics), and other features that are normal for applications but we are nevertheless proud of: Account Management, Responsive Design (9-patch and proper layouts), Animations, and Button States. Woo!

  • Developers: Aldrin Agbanlog, Joseph Edgar Andres, Raiza de Leon, Joyce Guiao
  • Designer: Raiza de Leon, Joyce Guiao

2. Encourage your 6 to 8 yr old English-Learning Children to Bring Their Own Stories to Life

2Main Menu.png

Funimals features Natural Language Generation, and Text-To-Speech.

  • Developers: Mark Anthony Castilo, Matthew Go, Oliver Brian Syson
  • Designer: Joyce Guiao (Animals not included)
  • Awards: Imagine Cup World Semifinalist – Innovation 2013


3. Learn to Cook Healthy Filipino Recipes

App was originally targeted for Diabetics, but every Filipino has the right to be healthy, too!

red logo.png

Less Sugar is powered by Parse (which will stop working in 2017), and has its own local website to be able to add new recipes provided by the DOST.

  • Developers: Mark Anthony Castilo, Oliver Brian Syson
  • Designer: Joyce Guiao 
  • Awards: 1st Place in DOST-FNRI Less Sugar App Contest 2014

5 Mobile and Web Games To Rate 5 Stars On Your Free Time

I am aware that most of these are really horrible, and that I am virtually tightening a noose around my neck. But this is also an assurance that I have looked back on my sins of bad design and I am sorry for it, and that it probably  hopefully  shouldn’t happen again 🙂

1. Set Mania (Android)


For smart people and late bloomers. Download here.

  • Developers:Matthew Go, Oliver Brian Syson
  • Designer: Joyce Guiao


2. Charge (Windows Phone)

cover photo.png

If you had a proper childhood, you’ll know this game by heart, based on the Filipino Kid Game called “Charge” or “Dragonball”.  Download here.

  • Developers: Alron Lam, Darren Sapalo
  • Designers: Joyce Guiao, Lordd Michael Lazaro
  • Sound and Music: Joyce Guiao
  • Awards: Top 3 in DLSU Windows Phone 8 Hackercup Challenge 2013


3. Breaking Fast (Web)

Play here.

  • Developers: Joyce Guiao
  • Designers: Raiza de Leon, Joyce Guiao


4. 90’s Kids Challenge  (Windows PC & Windows Phone)

Download here.


5. Zombie Garrison (Windows Phone)

Download here.

Bonus: Last Stand (Windows Phone)

Local Multiplayer Game (4 to 6 players) for the whole family. Download here.

Top 3 Mobile “Nene” Applications

In the Philippines, if you have been a pre-teen or a teenager above in the days of Friendster (a prehistoric Facebook website, but with more advanced features: auto-playing music background, glittering and spinning 3D! cursors, and being friends with at least 3 Naruto’s), then you probably had a “Nene” phase in your life.

A “Nene” is usually a young female Millennial that has not yet bloomed like the brown girl in A Crazy Little Thing Called Love before she transformed into a Disney Princess.

Today, you are about to witness the “Nene” theory demonstration. As my friends and I developed applications, we thought it was the most mind-blowing, most innovative, and “No one has ever done this before!” applications of our time. But oh so foolish of us, little did we know that we are “Nene” developers. Itsy bitsy caterpillars that have yet to bloom into butterflies. With that, here are our top 3 “Nene” applications that we have developed.

1. Donating Relief Goods at the Comfort of Your Home (Windows Phone)


  • Developers: Mark Anthony Castilo, Matthew Go, Oliver Brian Syson
  • Designer: Joyce Guiao
  • Special Thanks to: Windows Azure
  • Awards: Imagine Cup Philippine Finalists – World Citizenship 2013, 3rd Place in DOST Mobile App Competition on Disaster Communication Finals 2014

2. Tracking On-Going Government Infrastructure Projects with Crowdsourced Photos (Android)


  • Developers: Mark Anthony Castilo, Matthew Go, Oliver Brian Syson
  • Designer: Joyce Guiao
  • Special Thanks to: Open Data PH, Parse (will stop working in 2017)
  • Awards: 1st Place #KabantayNgBayan : Procurement Hack 2014

3. Drawing Your Memorable Moments in a Q&A Format Diary Thing (Windows PC)


Screenshot (4).png

Download Memory Retriever here.

Actually, after going through the list, what really is the “Nene” here are not the ideas but the UI design, my first and early UI designs (circa 2011 to 2014 where either Material and Flat Design was still developing or I was blind then). So if you think the idea is practical then build it, you go girl.

For the developers and designers out there, what’s your “Nene” application?