How Did Amy Die? (2nd Published Android Game!)

“I don’t care how she died.”

Me too! I mean, who in the world is Amy anyway?

Or maybe you’re like “I’m curious and I want to know!”, or “I LOVE DETECTIVE GAMES!!! I FEEL LIKE THE KILLER IS STILL INSIDE THIS ROOM!” And damn, you’re right!

A little backstory before the game.

Yup, you, the player, are the killer.


Just kidding, You don’t even have to play the game to find out how Amy died. All you need is to go to the Free Play Store page and you can already get the idea.

Okay, have you guessed it?

Okay, this is the third banner of this tall Pucca mascot in just a span of 2 mouse scrolls, I’ll stop now.

But before that…

Amy is a 20-something still lost in life.

Amy is an expectant mother.

Amy is a Summa Cum Laude graduate.

Amy is beggar.

Amy is a new born that struggled through her first 8 weeks in life in an incubator.

Strangers are faceless people we pass by every single day. Most of us fail to look beyond the unfamiliarity and understand that most of them have the same dreams, problems, memories, and loved ones all waiting for them at home. We forget that these sea of faces can smile back on the stars, cry tears at night, and laugh as if it’s the end of the world. Whoever these individuals might be, every single one of them all have a name, let’s humanize them and call everyone of them Amy.

Car Accidents killed Amy.

Oh no.

You didn’t mean to.

I mean, there are 1.3 million Amy’s dying each year because of car accidents. Statistics show it was going to happen anyway.

Plot twist: Car Accidents can be prevented!

Amy could have lived.

Distracted driving, or texting on your phone while driving, is the number one cause (Surprise! it’s not disobedience to the street rules) of the death of 1.3 million Amy’s. that’s 2.6 million++ mothers and fathers and children that’s has lost an Amy in their life.

Moral Lesson: Don’t text and drive.

Finally, the back story is done, phew!

For your prize of being patience, or scrolling all the way down here, you get to take a sexy view of the game screenshot.

We’ve been semi-busy developing this experimental game (which explains why the title, app icon, and the game art style itself doesn’t match) the last few months. We don’t want to listen to our own opinions as much as possible about game retention, difficulty, game art/style, and a lot more factors, because we feel like if we argued and took everything into consideration, nothing will progress and we’ll get stuck planning for the “perfect” game. We don’t have that much experience to base on too.

What we need is real player feedback, we need improvements. So try it out. Get critically constructive. Every word of your feedback is oxygen to small independent developers like us so that we can grow better! 🙂

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This is a meeeeessy article.